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No. You only go to court when a dispute arises, such as when the insurance company denies your claim, denies treatment requested by your doctor, or some other issue. If you make a workers’ compensation claim and the Insurance Company accepts your claim, they will begin paying you if your doctor says you can’t work and they will pay your medical bills. If everything goes well, there is no need to go to court.

You only go to court when a dispute arises. The Court can then decide that issue by setting the matter for trial. A workers’ compensation trial can be as simple as the Judge reviewing your medical records, hearing your testimony, maybe hearing from the Adjuster, hearing from your lawyer and then deciding the particular issue at hand. If testimony is needed from your doctor, his or her deposition will be taken and submitted to the Judge for him or her to read. These trials are not complicated like in state-court. Workers’ Compensation has its own court system.

Go to to see a map of where the Workers’ Compensation courts are located.

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