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Posts tagged "workers' compensation"

Are employers focusing enough on workplace safety?

We all trust our employers to provide us with a safe working environment. We have confidence in them to make sure that they have taken the appropriate steps to reduce the dangers that we may encounter. Workers in some industries may experience more opportunities for injuries in workplace accidents, and it is important to understand exactly what sort of things are being done to eliminate these accidents.

Workers face several challenges while on-the-job

No matter where you work in Southern Louisiana, there are dangers on the job. Work-related accidents can happen at any time no matter how careful you and your employer try to be. Some of the most common hazards are the ones you don't think about such as working in confined spaces, clutter in common areas and trips-and-falls over extension cords. Workers who are injured in these accidents may be eligible to file for workers' compensation benefits

Construction workers face dangers working in trenches

For workers who routinely find themselves in trenches, there are a lot of risks to be considered. Some of those risks can be reduced with safety basics, but there are still no guarantees that an injury won't occur.

Workers in many different occupations being subject to hearing loss

There are many people across Louisiana who earn a living working in factories and refineries. These jobs often place them in situations in where they are in close contact to heavy machinery. These machines are often very loud, and the repeated exposure to this noise has left them with permanent hearing damage.

Medical care under Louisiana workers' comp law

One of the things many clients want to know when they contact my firm is what sort of medical care they can expect to receive if they are injured while on the job. They want to know if they will be able to see their own doctor or if they have to go to someone that has been pre-selected by their employer or employers' insurer.

Are serious workplace injuries going unreported?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) started requiring workplaces to compile detailed reports concerning serious injuries late last year. Before this requirement went into place, the agency did not have a system to accurately determine the number of serious injuries occurring at factories and workplaces across the United States.


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