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Lax warehouse safety comes with catastrophic risks

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Warehouse workers have some very tough conditions to deal with when they’re doing their job duties. It’s up to each employer to ensure that those hazards are kept to a minimum. When safety standards aren’t up to par and when they aren’t followed, workers can suffer devastating injuries. 

There are many things to consider about working in a warehouse. Taking each category one at a time can help to ensure nothing is missed. 

Slips, trips, falls

Cords, debris and other items on the floors can lead to workers tripping or slipping and falling. Workers who are doing job duties on an elevated platform should also be aware of how they can prevent falls. Some warehouses have slick floors and may have slippery surfaces. Non-slip tape, anti-slip shoes and proper signage can help to prevent slips on those substances.

Crushing, lacerations, amputations

The heavy machinery and bulky objects that are present in a warehouse can lead to significant injuries. These can lead to workers being crushed, which can lead to internal bleeding. Lacerations and amputations are also possible. Using caution around machinery and making sure that everyone is trained on preventing these types of injuries is critical.

Injured warehouse workers should ensure they understand their right to workers’ compensation for a work-related injury. This coverage provides payments for medical care and other benefits. For example, a person who can’t return to work right away might qualify for partial income replacement. Vocational rehabilitation is possible when the person can’t return to their previous job duties.

Ultimately, it’s best to have someone evaluate a serious case to determine what steps you need to take to get everything due to you, particularly if your claim isn’t going as expected.