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How do you pick your workers’ compensation doctor?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

You need to know how to choose a workers’ compensation physician if you’re hurt on the job in Louisiana. By law, you’re allowed to select one physician in each field or specialty that you need to be seen within. However, you do need to keep in mind that you need to select the correct doctors. Choosing the wrong medical provider could result in you being sent back to work before you should be.

Before you can select your physician, you will need to submit to an exam that is performed by the physician hired by your employer. Part of the reason for this is to verify that your injuries or illness line up with what you’re telling your own doctor and employer. It may also serve as a kind of second opinion, though that doctor’s statements could be harmful to your case in some situations.

What is the Physician’s Choice form?

The Physician’s Choice form is something that your workers’ compensation company may give to your employer to talk to you about. This form has a list of workers’ compensation physicians that you can choose from.

If you decide not to choose a physician who is on this list, it’s possible that you could have your medical benefits suspended. You can ask for a hearing if you don’t want to select one of these medical providers for some reason.

How many physicians do you get to choose?

Technically, you can choose one physician in each field that is needed to address your care. For example, if you have a broken bone, you may be able to select an orthopedic surgeon, primary care provider, radiologist, physical therapist and psychologist based on your symptoms. You also have a right to switch from one specialty to another, so if one doctor doesn’t feel that they can help with your symptoms of an illness or injury, you can transfer over to a different specialty without the company’s permission.

Selecting your workers’ compensation physicians is an important part of your case. It’s a good idea to learn more about the doctors and to speak with someone about how their decisions could affect your case.