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Mediation can be an important step in a workers’ comp appeal

| Sep 23, 2021 | Firm News |

Workers get hurt in Louisiana every day, and most of them will eventually gain access to workers’ compensation benefits. They may need to make a report with their employer and undergo a medical evaluation before receiving all the support that they need. 

However, the process may be much more difficult for some applicants than for others. Those who make mistakes on their application or who have an unsupportive employer may find themselves facing a denied claim and worrying about how they will pay for their medical care and replace their wages until they can get back to work. 

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation insurance system does give workers the right to appeal denied benefits. Both you and your employer also have the right to request mediation as part of a workers’ compensation dispute. Suggesting mediation early in the appeals process could help you resolve your issue sooner. 

Why might mediation help during a benefits appeal? 

If you and your employer or their insurance company can’t settle the issue around your claim, you might have to wait months for a hearing in court. Not only is the process longer if you have to litigate the dispute, but there are potentially more costs involved as well. 

Mediation is a tool to help you and the insurance company or your employer resolve your disagreement about the benefits you deserve or the nature of your claim. Working with a neutral third party can make compromising and finding a solution a little bit easier. Mediation facilitates a cooperative approach to the issue rather than placing both parties opposite one another. 

Exploring the options available to you can help you resolve the issue if you aren’t getting workers’ compensation benefits after an injury.