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Safety tips for the next time you use a ladder

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Have you ever had an incident on a ladder where you almost fell? Maybe the ladder tipped to the side under you, or maybe you slipped and then caught yourself. No matter how it happened, you hated that feeling of your heart jumping into your throat as you almost fell, and it made you realize how dangerous ladders can be. 

The good news is that there are simple safety tips that can help to reduce the odds of a fall. We’ll go over some below to help you stay safe on the job. 

Advice for using a ladder safely

The next time you have to use a ladder at work, these tips can help:

  • Always face toward the ladder. If you feel that you need to turn around, you really need to move the ladder.
  • Similarly, never reach too far to either side. You should move the ladder if something is out of reach.
  • When climbing, standing or working, keep three points of contact at all times.
  • Do routine safety checks to make sure the ladders themselves are not damaged or defective.
  • With an extension ladder, be sure you understand the impact of angles. If the angle is too steep, you can top backward. If it’s too shallow, though, you can slide forward, toward the wall.
  • Know when to use a stepladder and when to use an extension ladder.
  • Watch out for powerlines and other overhead hazards.
  • Do not use a ladder on wet, soft or sloping ground.

Accidents still may happen, even when you use these tips religiously. Be sure you know what rights you have if you get hurt on the job to workers’ compensation and other important benefits. If you’re struggling to get your claim approved, it may be time to reach out for some assistance.