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Safety tips for roof workers

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Roofing projects are common, and crews often go from one house to the next in just a day or two, working with incredible speed and efficiency. Single-family homes are often re-roofed in just 24 hours.

Naturally, working on a roof can also be dangerous, especially when there is so much emphasis on speed and production — and when the worksite is brand new every few days. A fall can lead to catastrophic injuries, even from a single-story home, so workers need to know how to stay safe.

How you can put safety first

The best way to put safety first is just to have the right mindset. Safety always has to come before production. It is better to take longer to do a job than to rush and get injured. Other important tips include the following:

  • Learn to use ropes and harnesses. Take the time to put them on every time you work at heights.
  • Check your other gear to make sure it is also ideal for the conditions. The right shoes, for example, are a simple way to lower the odds of an accident.
  • Use ladders and scaffold systems whenever you can. They are generally safer, especially when working right near the edge.
  • Avoid working in the rain and wind. Adverse conditions increase the risk substantially.
  • Clean up the space frequently. Tripping on the ground is one thing, but tripping on a roof can be deadly.

These tips can help, but accidents do still happen. If you get hurt or even suffer from a disability, you need to know what rights you have.