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Your claim for workers’ compensation was denied. Now what?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Learning that your legitimate claim for workers’ compensation benefits was denied is like adding insult to injury. When you need their support the most, you feel as if your employer has hung you out to dry.

But you have no time to lick those wounds. Now is the time for action. Read on to learn what you can do after a workers’ compensation denial.

Learn why you were denied

The letter you received denying your claim will state the reason(s) for the decision. Often, they conclude that the injury was not work-related as you claim. Alternatively, you may be denied for filing your claim too late or for not initially reporting it.

Based on the reason for the denial of benefits, you can then determine whether appealing the decision could change the outcome.

Waste no time if you appeal

With any type of claim, timing is absolutely critical for a positive resolution. Your appeal could be resolved simply by including the proper paperwork that you may have inadvertently omitted the first time.

But sometimes, it can be more challenging to win an appeal. For instance, if your workplace injury exacerbated a condition from which you were already diagnosed, your employer could contend that it was the original injury and not an additional fall or another incident that created the problem.

Seek legal guidance before filing your appeal

When you file a workers’ compensation appeal, you are already behind the 8-ball, figuratively speaking. Retaining a workers’ comp attorney with a proven record for reversing denials can give you the edge that you need to receive the medical and financial benefits to which you are entitled.