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Lacerations: Potentially dangerous or deadly workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

In your workplace, one of the risks is that you may come into contact with a sharp object. Something like a knife, blade or sharp machinery could cut into your skin and leave you with serious cuts or wounds. In a worst-case scenario, sharp machinery could even cause an amputation.

Lacerations have the potential to be serious workplace injuries. Depending on where a person is cut and how deep it is, there is a risk of bleeding heavily, nerve damage, infection and other significant or life-threatening consequences. 

Deep lacerations may expose tissue or bone, fat or tendons. If this happens, remember to call 911 or to go to the hospital immediately. In deep injuries, there is a higher risk of bleeding that could lead to a fatality. Additionally, open wounds, especially deep wounds, are more likely to become infected than smaller, shallower injuries. 

What should you do if a laceration takes place at work?

If you are cut at work and it is bleeding heavily or the wound edges have separated, then go to the emergency department. You should also go to the emergency room if there is debris in the wound that you cannot clean on your own. Your medical provider may need to debride the wound, which is sometimes done under general anesthesia. 

Remember, too, that you may need to get tetanus or rabies shots, depending on how the injury happened. If any underlying damage was done to your bones, muscles or tissues, you may also need surgery or to look into physical therapy in the future.

Workers’ compensation should cover your injuries if you’re hurt on the job. Let the medical staff know that you were injured at work, so they can prepare the right documents for you.