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What injury or fatality risks do road construction workers face?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

It’s that time of year again when road construction projects ramp up here in Louisiana. Your job in this industry is inherently dangerous any time of the year; however, you have to contend with a few additional dangers during the spring and summer that make your work even a bit more perilous. 

You may want to learn more about the factors that make it that way. This knowledge could save you from getting hurt and keep you alive.

Your biggest danger is someone striking you

There are likely road signs posted warning motorists that you and your colleagues are completing a road construction project ahead. There may also be signs letting drivers know to reduce their speeds. Public safety officials may even warn motorists of enhanced penalties for violating the posted speed limit. None of this may deter motorists from driving recklessly, though. 

While it’s likely that there is a concrete partition between you motorists actively driving down the road, such partitions only help so much. A motorist driving too fast or not adapting well to road conditions such as narrow or shifting lanes, uneven pavement or focusing too much on things around them instead of the road may put you at risk of getting hurt as you carry out your job. 

You also have to worry about a motorist becoming distracted or drowsy, as this may put you and your colleagues at risk of getting hit as well. 

Other dangers road construction workers face

The combination of hot temperatures of the summer against the asphalt with heavy manual labor puts you at significant risk of suffering a heat stroke or other injuries. Another factor that road construction workers must worry about is inhaling toxic substances involved in carrying out projects. The heavy machinery that you operate can also crush you or malfunction, leaving you with significant injuries. 

Options you have if you suffer injuries at your road construction job

Almost every employer in Louisiana has to carry workers’ compensation coverage to cover your medical bills and other injury-related expenses if you get hurt on the job. Don’t take your employer’s word for it that you are eligible for coverage. Consult with an attorney to confirm whether that’s the case before you pay for any expenses yourself.