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Reasons why your workers’ compensation benefits might be stopped abruptly

On Behalf of | May 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Almost all employees in Covington, Louisiana, are entitled to workers’ compensation after suffering an on-the-job injury. These benefits enable you to get the medical care you need to recover while replacing a portion of any wages lost due to the injury.

As you can imagine, Louisiana workers’ compensation is of vital importance to those who live and work here. Without this coverage, people like you would face innumerable financial hardships after a workplace injury. Imagine how it would feel if, during your claim, your benefits suddenly ceased.

Why would your workers’ compensation end before its time?

By its design, workers’ compensation provides temporary benefits in most cases. As such, the insurance company can stop paying or close your claim.  However, before doing so, they should give you ample notice of your claim closure. Unfortunately, these notices may get lost in the mail, or program officials may overlook sending you a notification.

We have also seen injured workers lose their benefits in mid-claim for other reasons, such as the ones listed below:

  • You refuse to take on light-duty tasks. If your medical provider releases you for light-duty work, you must comply. Your refusal could end your active claim before you have fully recovered.
  • The insurer hires a private detective to watch you. If the insurer doubts the validity of your claim, it may engage an individual to spy on you. If the detective lacks knowledge of your injuries and abilities, his or her reports could put you at risk of early claim closure.
  • You quit your job before your claim ends. Workers’ compensation covers lost wages and medical care. However, if you quit your job while your claim is still active, your benefits will cease.

If you feel that your benefits stopped mistakenly or unfairly, consider talking with a legal advocate experienced in workers’ comp denials and appeals. Often, taking this step ensures you continue receiving the benefits you deserve until you have recovered. We encourage you to continue browsing our website for more about appealing a workers’ comp decision.