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How much will you receive through workers’ comp disability?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Millions of workers in Louisiana have risks on the job that they don’t think about until they get hurt. Whether you work in manufacturing, customer service or even a hospital, you could get hurt or contract an illness because of the job you do.

When you have a medical condition that requires treatment and may force you to take time off of work, you will need to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Any illness or traumatic injury stemming from someone’s employment can qualify them for medical and disability benefits.

With an approved claim, you can count on the full coverage of necessary medical treatments. You can also seek disability benefits that can replace your wages during a leave of absence. How much can you expect to receive with a successful workers’ compensation claim?

Workers’ compensation won’t replace all of your wages

The rate of compensation depends on the benefits you claim. If you qualify for temporary total disability, you can receive up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, as long as that average doesn’t exceed the maximum benefit amount set by the state. The same benefit level is available for those who have a total disability and cannot return to work.

For those who can go back to work but can’t earn the same wages as they did before, Supplemental Earnings Benefit (SEB), which is comparable to permanent partial disability benefits in other states, can help. Workers who earn less than 90% of what they did before their injury can receive SEB benefits of up to two-thirds of the difference between their previous wages and their new, lower wages.

Getting benefits isn’t automatic

While you clearly have medical issues stemming from your employment, none of the benefits you deserve because of your condition are automatic. Getting the benefits that you need, including temporary disability or SEB, often requires paperwork and careful compliance with medical recommendations.

If you have help navigating this process, your chances of successfully getting the benefits you need to cover your bills and take care of your family increase. Timely reporting of your condition to your employer and the submission of paperwork will be among the first steps you have to take to get crucial disability benefits.