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You may be able to gain workers’ compensation for depression

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is available to almost all workers in the event that they become injured while engaging in work-related activities. For example, a construction worker could gain compensation for all medical costs and some lost wages if they injure themselves after falling from a ladder on site.

While physical injuries tend to be easy to pinpoint the cause of, mental health conditions can be much more difficult. For example, if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you may not truly know what caused your condition. However, it is possible to gain compensation for a mental health issue when an aggravated work condition caused it. The following are the key circumstances in which a work condition could lead to depression.

Workplace bullying, discrimination or harassment

If your manager or coworkers are bullying or harassing you, this can lead you to suffer very quickly. Being made to feel isolated and that you do not belong can be debilitating, and it is likely to cause a hostile work environment that affects both your productivity and confidence. Make sure that you take action to report this potentially unlawful behavior as well as to gain workers’ compensation for the effects.

Stressful work environment

When a person is in a stressful working environment for a significant period of time, this stress can cause anxiety and depression. Stress is not good for your health or sense of well-being, so it is important that you alert your manager of the adverse working conditions.

Physical injuries that led to depression

Often, those who were physically hurt in the workplace suffer from depression in the aftermath. Dealing with chronic pain, a long recovery period and a loss of independence can hugely affect mental health.

If you believe that you are suffering from depression, you should first speak to a medical professional to get help. Then consider whether your work environment contributed to your condition, and think about filing for workers’ compensation.