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Why did my company deny my workers’ comp claim?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some workplace injuries are so obvious that there is no point in a company trying to deny a workers’ comp claim for the incident. But there are also incidents that occur that may be a bit more nebulous.

It is just those sorts of claims that can give your workplace enough wiggle room to get away with denying your claim for benefits. Read on to learn more about denied claims for compensation.

What are some common reasons for denying workers’ claims?

Your company should rubber-stamp legitimate claims, but they may claim the reason for the denial is due to one of the following reasons:

  • It happened off the clock. You stepped down off the ladder and wrenched your knee on the job site. But your supervisor denies your claim and says they have video of you limping into work that morning favoring that same leg.
  • Failing to timely report your injury. Your nail gun accidentally discharged and a nail pierced through your thumbnail. Although excruciatingly painful, it was late on a Friday and you just removed it and applied a bandage once you got home. By Monday morning, your thumb is hot, swollen and infected. Your claim is denied because your boss alleges you injured it at home.
  • You were horsing around on the job. You and your coworker had been goosing each other with the air hose all day, each trying to outdo one another. His last parry with the air hose was enough pressure to knock you off the ladder and break your arm. But your claim was denied due to the alleged horseplay.

Get help for your appeal

Don’t give up. It’s not game over yet. You have a right to appeal the workers’ comp denial. An attorney can review your case and offer guidance.