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Knee protection is a must at work

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

Many jobs put considerable pressure on the knees. It’s imperative that workers who are in this position take the time to learn how to protect their knees. The employers must ensure that the employees know the solutions that can help them to reduce the risk of a knee injury, as well as providing the employees with the equipment and tools to do this.

The construction industry is one that is often associated with knee injuries because it is a physically demanding industry. These workers have a fairly good handle on how to prevent knee injuries, so taking a look at some of the practices they use may be beneficial to others who want to protect their knees.

Ergonomic positioning

You should ensure that you take the time to straighten your knee out periodically through the workday. Even if you do have to wear knee pads, it greatly benefits your knees to be able to return to the straight position for at least a few seconds at a time.

Protective equipment

Sometimes, protective equipment, such as knee pads, can help to reduce the chance that you’ll deal with problems later. It might also behoove you to lift items up when possible instead of bending or stooping down to get the work done. Tool extensions are sometimes beneficial.

Any worker who’s suffered a knee injury at work should ensure that they get medical care right away. Because these injuries might appear over time, it’s easy to neglect them. Remember, workers’ compensation coverage should provide you with benefits for these injuries. Some workers might have to fight for the benefits they’re due.