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Do part-time workers get workers’ comp?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

You lost your job in the last year, but you were fortunate enough to get a new one. However, even that company is feeling a bit of financial strain, so they’re only hiring part-time workers instead of full-time workers. 

The job also carries a fair amount of risk. You’re worried that you may get injured. Since you’re just a part-time employee, you want to know if you have the same rights to workers’ comp that you had at your last full-time job. 

Most employees are covered by workers’ compensation

The Louisiana Workforce Commission, which is part of the Department of Labor, notes that “most workers” do get workers’ compensation benefits if they’re hurt on the job. These individuals can be:

  • Full-time workers
  • Part-time workers
  • Minors
  • Seasonal workers

There are also cases where some independent contractors or subcontractors may be covered. This doesn’t matter in your specific case, but it helps to show how wide a net the law casts. If you are an employee of any kind, odds are that you can get workers’ comp if you get injured. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it is only for full-time employees or those in more traditional roles. 

Using your rights after you’ve been hurt at work

Workplace injuries can cause you to lose wages and run into massive medical bills. This is often impossible to deal with on your own, so it’s crucial that you understand how you can use your rights to workers’ compensation benefits. They can help to cover your costs and give you financial support until you can work again.