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5 most common construction injuries

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction workers have a difficult job. They’re required to work under stressful conditions, in inclement weather, and operate heavy, often dangerous machinery. Construction sites require focus and safety measures to prevent a severe injury.

However, accidents can still happen, regardless of the amount of precaution that is in place. It’s vital for construction works to be aware of the risks they might face every day so they can stay safe as much as possible.

The following are the five most common injuries that occur on construction sites.

  1. Falling: Most construction sites require workers to work high off the ground, such as with cranes, on a rooftop, or scaffolding. These locations put workers at risk for falling, which can result in dangerous broken bones or a head injury.
  2. Injuries to the head: As stated, head injuries can occur from a fall from a high location but can also happen due to other factors. Someone working on a roof could accidentally drop a heavy tool and strike someone else working on the ground. Even with the use of hard hats, head injuries are common on worksites and can cause severe damage to the brain.
  3. Burns: Construction sites may utilize fires or explosives, both of which can result in a severe burn to a construction worker. Burns can leave behind extreme scarring or even require reconstructive surgery as well.
  4. Stress injuries: The repetitive tasks required of construction workers can cause a repetitive stress injury. For example, the constant bending and lifting of heavy objects can result in a severe back or knee injury, resulting in muscle or joint damage.
  5. Hearing loss: Construction sites can be incredibly loud. With all the equipment and machinery in use at the same time, the continuous noise can lead to severe ear damage and potential hearing loss. Wearing earplugs can help minimize the impact of the sound and keep workers protected.

Construction workers should take every precaution they can to maintain their safety while on the job. Wearing proper clothing and gear such as hard hats and gloves can protect you from an unexpected injury. Exercising caution and utilizing all safety measures available can keep you safe so you can focus on getting your job done.