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4 Factors that make construction sites dangerous

It's no question that working in construction can be dangerous. Heavy equipment, extreme heights and explosive materials make crush, fall and burn injuries a common occurrence. But there are other factors that can make construction sites just as dangerous as any heavy piece of equipment.

1. Dust

When you're drilling, cutting or sawing at a construction site, harmful particles can hang in the air. When you inhale dust and debris, it can make it difficult to breathe. Dust particles can even cling to your lungs and cause serious long-term problems such as asthma and other lung diseases.

If your daily work tasks require you to be around dust, make sure you use a work-provided respirator, or get your own if there isn't one available through work. Using a respirator can decrease your chances of sustaining harmful lung infections.

2. Vibrating tools

Drills and saws are necessary tools on construction sites. But if you use them for long periods of time or on a daily basis, they can have a negative impact on your overall physical health. Using tools that vibrate heavily can cause hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

HAVS can affect your nerves, joints, muscles and tissues. It can cause severe pain, increased weakness and reduced dexterity. If you use vibrating tools regularly, remember to take frequent breaks between uses.

3. Musculoskeletal disorders

One-time accidents like falls or crush injuries aren't the only types of injuries that can keep you from doing your job. Some injuries like musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) develop slowly over time but can be just as debilitating.

MSDs usually occur from too much wear and tear or overworking an area of the body. You can get an MSD from performing repetitive or demanding tasks like bending, lifting, pushing or pulling. Stretching, taking frequent breaks and maintaining daily exercise can help keep MSDs at bay.

4. Noise

Construction sites are noisy places. Frequent exposure to loud machinery and equipment can cause hearing problems. Even if you don't work directly with noisy tools or equipment, it's important to remember to use proper ear protection on construction sites to prevent major hearing loss.

If you sustained any type of injury from a work-related incident, you may be facing lost wages and expensive medical bills. Filing a workers' compensation claim can help you get the benefits you may be entitled to.

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