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The number one cause of workplace deaths

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

Some occupations are much more dangerous than others. Construction workers, loggers, fishers, firefighters and more constantly put their lives on the line. While these jobs come with a high risk of accident, injury and fatality, the hazards workers face tend to be specific to the profession.

When it comes to all industries, the leading cause of death in the workplace is actually motor vehicle crashes, reveals the National Safety Council. Training in defensive driving is key in reducing fatalities.

Defensive driving tips

Whether or not you are a professional driver, knowing how to be defensive on the road can help you stay out of an accident. The following tips may help keep you safe by preventing the six deadliest causes of collisions:

  • Follow the speed limit, as speeding is the top contributor to crashes.
  • Know the rules concerning the right of way.
  • Eliminate all distractions, from using electronic devices to eating.
  • Make turns at the correct locations and times, following road signage in doing so.
  • Stay within your lane.
  • Allow enough distance between you and other vehicles, especially in poor weather or road conditions.

Your employer is responsible for providing detailed training on these safety measures.

Know what counts under workers’ compensation

Naturally, professional drivers face a greater chance of getting into an accident, such as truckers and package deliverers. As these jobs revolve around road travel, collisions that happen on the clock qualify for workers’ compensation eligibility. However, any work-related traffic accident also applies, even if the main point of the job is not driving, such as using the company vehicle for a special trip or traveling from your business to another for a client meeting. Unfortunately, commuting to and from work on a daily basis does not qualify.

What to do in an accident

Follow the same procedure as you would under a normal car accident, such as trading driver information and notifying the police. However, you also want to inform your employer right away and seek medical treatment, even if you feel fine to help with your claim.