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Tips for preventing office injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

When you think of a dangerous workplace, you may imagine a construction site or coal mine. However, even desk jobs can be risky. Just because you work in an office building does not mean you are free from workplace hazards.

There are plenty of ways you can get hurt while working in an office. If this happens, you should consider filing a compensation claim. Follow the guidelines below to prevent office accidents as much as possible.

Beware of fall hazards

Falling because of a slip or trip is the most common accident that takes place in office settings. Culprits for slip, trip and fall accidents include wet floors, unattended spills, uneven floors, clutter, loose rugs, exposed cords and unstable surfaces. To avoid this type of accident, pay attention to your surroundings before you walk, clean up spills and clutter immediately, and report hazards to someone who can resolve them.

Be careful while lifting

While you may not need to do a lot of manual labor in an office, sometimes, it is necessary. You may find yourself lifting stacks of boxes, computer monitors or files. Lifting something too heavy and/or improperly can lead to neck, shoulder and back injuries. Use proper posture when lifting objects, and request assistance from another individual to avoid sustaining a lifting injury.

Prioritize ergonomics

Not all workplace injuries occur because of a one-time accident. Sometimes, they build up over time due to repetitive stress on your soft tissues like muscles, tendons and nerves. Common ergonomic hazards in offices include chairs without back support, improper computer screen height and wrists at an awkward typing angle. Make sure your workstation is ergonomic, so you can avoid these musculoskeletal complications. You should also stretch and change your position frequently.

No one is immune from occupational injuries, even office workers. These office safety tips will help you work in a safer environment.