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Workers in many different occupations being subject to hearing loss

| May 23, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

There are many people across Louisiana who earn a living working in factories and refineries. These jobs often place them in situations in where they are in close contact to heavy machinery. These machines are often very loud, and the repeated exposure to this noise has left them with permanent hearing damage.

According the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately one in eight U.S. workers has suffered some sort of hearing loss due to work. Some of these workers are suffering from significant hearing loss, and have permanent damage which cannot be reversed.

A survey of workers across the country revealed that construction workers were at a very high risk of being exposed to hazardous noise. This is noise that could lead to irreversible damage over time.

Officials are concerned with the extremely high level of hearing loss across different occupations. They stress that employers are not doing enough to limit the damage that workers are experiencing. There are many different tools in place that employers can use to reduce the potential noise that workers are exposed to during their day-to-day job functions.

While this is an extremely serious condition, it is very difficult for workers to show that their jobs caused their loss of hearing. If they need to file a claim to show that their occupation was what led to their current condition, they may not have the evidence they need to support such claims. This places workers in an extremely challenging position.

What to do if you suffer from an injury or illness acquired while working

If you are suffering from a workplace injury or illness, you need to report the incident to your supervisor as soon as possible. This ensures that your employer has a record of the events in question, which can be important later if there are any challenges to your claims.

After reporting your condition and seeking treatment, you should reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to help you determine the steps that you must take in order to recover the compensation that you need.

There are very specific requirements in place for these cases in Louisiana. Failing to follow these rules could place your claims at risk. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better, as it can ensure that your rights remain protected.